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Thai(me) for Lunch

Lloyd house had a casino night a while back when we played card games with alumni and won prizes. My friend Sarah won a stack of 30 free coupons for Thai iced-tea at Chilly Mango. Today, after our original brunch plans fell through, we decided to head over to redeem our coupons.

Chilly Mango is a popular take-out and delivery spot for Caltech students. It is only a 10 minute walk away, but with a $12 order minimum, a super affordable menu and a severe case of laziness when it comes to cooking, it becomes a very popular dinner option. If it’s cheap, is it still good? In the case of Chilly Mango, it is. They are known for their pad-thai and pad-sew dishes. Their curries are also to die for.

I am a fan of Thai food because it has so much variety. There are tons of vegetarian and pescatarian options — most of the dishes are listed by their base ingredients and spices; you can choose the protein (tofu/chicken/beef with shrimp for +$2). Sarah is a vegetarian and I am a liberal pescatarian. The few times we dined out together, we resorted to Thai. Also, Thai food is relatively health but still full of flavor. From papaya salads to Tom Yum soup, you can easily fuel up in the summer without worrying about fitting into those jeans. Of course, most of the times when you eat out, you are looking to treat-yo-self. Spring rolls, fried crab wontons and larb are all to die for.

In Pasadena, there are few great Thai places, some of which are even vegan. Daisy Mint is popular, as well as President Thai, but slightly pricier. Chilly Mango and Nine & Nine are cheaper options, but just as good. If you are vegan, My Vegan, which is a 10 minute bike ride away, has delicious affordable Thai food.

Sarah has definitely got me hooked on Thai food, but I hope I don’t become as addicted as her and some of her other friends — they order Chilly Mango every Thursday and binge watch the Bachelor together. Even though my stomach says yes, my wallet says no.

Sunny Cui ’20

Option: Electrical Engineering

House Affiliation: Lloyd

Graduation Year: 2020

Sunny is from Vancouver, BC where it rains over 200 days a year. At Caltech, she serves on the excomm of the Caltech Y and Society of Women Engineers, and plays piano with the chamber music program. When she is not doing sets and lab work, she enjoys hiking, shopping, cooking, drawing, and scouring the internet for items to add to her never-ending bucket list.