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The Best Sushi Ever

Hi there!

I had a pretty good weekend. I took a day off and did things that make me happy, like grocery shopping and cooking. At the end of Saturday, I went out with two of my housemates and another friend of our for a girls’ night.

Stop 1 was Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa. Sushi Nozawa was a hole-in-the-wall LA sushi restaurant.It was highly acclaimed and a frequent celebrity sighting location. Sugarfish is a spinoff. I took pictures of some of my food for you. The rest I ate on site because it was too good to wait.

I ordered the "Trust Me" menu, a popular option because I trust the chefs to know sushi better than I do. I’ve never been that big a fan of sushi but tonight’s was incredible. I’ll definitely be treating myself again another time.

Edamame was pretty basic. I ate the tuna sashimi before I got the chance to take a picture, so below you can see the plate it came on.

The albacore and salmon rolls came out together. I ate the albacore before taking a picture. Here’s what the salmon rolls looked like:

That was the end of our amazing, delicious, well-curated meal. I will definitely be going back once my wallet’s had a breather.

At the end of this meal, we took an Uber to Old Pas (the sort of downtown area of Pasadena, it has lots of fun shops and cafes and bookstores and bars for the 21+). There we went to a dessert bar (they also serve dinner, but we weren’t about that). We got a banana cream souffle to share and it was amazing. Why yes, I do have a picture of it.

One of our number was lactose intolerant, so she got vegan ice cream and a chocolate chip cookie.

That was my Saturday night. I worked some of Sunday and went to a midterm review. Midterms have been happening since Wednesday, I’m simply choosing to ignore them. It’s pretty easy when I only have one midterm and it isn’t until a week from Tuesday.

I hope you guys had as fun a weekend as I did.

Until next time,