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The Caltech Dance Show!

Hello wonderful friends and readers!
Last night was the annual Caltech Dance Show!! I wasn’t a part of it, but a lot of my friends were and it was so fun to watch. The various dances ranged from Bollywood and bellydance and ballroom to contemporary and Russian ballet–and even Beyonce’s famous "single ladies" dance, complete with leotards and all!!

Here are some absolutely hideous-quality pictures.. I forgot my camera, so I was using my phone on super close zoom.

One of my favorite ones (I didn’t get a picture) was a hip-hop dance with five of my fellow Rudds (members of Ruddock House). They were decked out in navy blue Ruddock sweats and beanies, and had masks in the Jabbawockeez style. I absolutely loved it! 🙂 It seemed like Ruddock was pretty well represented as dancers. I hope next year I can be part of it!
What’s cool about the dance show is that almost anyone can audition to be in it. Most of the dances are choreographed by the dancers themselves, so there was tons of freedom in creativity and a lot of originality. It was great to see my friends, who are by day brilliant mechanical engineers and mathematicians, bust out all their crazy dancing skills by night!
Sorry this post is a little short! Stay tuned for next week, where you’ll hear about Prefrosh Weekend, and (for all the admitted students) the people on the other side of all those fun phone calls and postcards from the Admissions Department!

Lori Dajose