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These Are Good Times

February is when it’s at. This past weekend we had the Batman-themed Lloyd Interhouse (Interhouse is a party that each house throws every year for all the other houses to partake in). This weekend we have midterms and Ricketts Hovse initiations (nothing like balancing work with a little fun); the following weekend we have the Ricketts Interhouse; fast forward another seven days and it’s Parent Day Weekend (I can’t wait to see you mom and dad), and finally, the last weekend I will also be visited by a loved one. Tell me if that doesn’t sound like an eventful month. I should have a lot of pictures from the upcoming weekends.

This past Friday we went to BCD Tofuhouse near Downtown LA. It was an awesome Korean tofuhouse with very generous servings. My inexperience led me to believe that we were supposed to crack and eat raw eggs, but in due time I learned the course of action was actually crack and cook the eggs in the boiling soup. Slowly our list of twenty-four hour operating restaurants increases: Pantry, Canter’s Deli, and now the tofuhouse. I’m getting to know you better, LA. On a similar but fancier note, Sunday night we went The Melting Pot in "Old Pas" (Old Pasadena). We enjoyed the cheese fondue, cooking our meats (which made me reminisce about BCD Tofuhouse), and the dark chocolate fondue for dessert. Eating has been great for 2010 thus far.

I started going to the gym last week. I used to do weight training back home, so now I’m picking it up again here. I have to note that it’s certainly a different gym experience when you work out at school. In Miami, I went to LA Fitness — picture yourself in a big commercial gym surrounded by strangers, a large portion of them huge strangers. In the gym at Tech, you know everyone around you, students and faculty. It’s kind of funny knowing that you’re working out a few feet from your Humanities teacher. And seeing people you know certainly hinders your ability to focus, but it’s a good experience overall. A new thing that I’ve incorporated into my workouts is swimming. Although I have a pool at home, I never really used it, go figure. But now I’m digging the swimming, and it leaves you really tired. I’m going back today for some more.

I have compiled a wish list of things that I would like to have that would enhance my lifestyle and room: external hard drive, 5.1 speaker system, and a monitor. The first one is because I have too much music and I don’t want to clog up the space in my mac’s hard drive. Second one is to play my music at a higher wattage than the alarm clock/iPod dock we have in the room (although we have hardcore floor speakers in the Hovse’s library, it’s nice to jam out in the room too). Finally, the last one is just a comfort issue. Aesthetically, our room is doing very well. We have, over time, acquired a futon, an Ikea table, a palm tree, and we keep a clean desk. We also have a nice sculpture by the window, made from the bearings of some of the trees at school, it’s called "Fruity Pebbles":
Until next time.

Juan Cardenas