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This is a plot.

>> p = [5,4,2,3,9,8,1,6,7]
p =
5 4 2 3 9 8 1 6 7
>> x = plot(p)

>> title(‘This is a plot.’)

>> xlabel(‘This is the x axis.’)

>> ylabel(‘This is the y axis.’)

>> set(x, ‘Color’, ‘red’)
>> title(‘Oh look, I can change the color of the line, too.’)

>> title(‘Hah! I can plot in Matlab. >:D’)

And thus begin my adventures in Matlab.

I sit on my couch eagerly waiting for my textbook to ship. "MATLAB: For Scientists and Engineers" is its title. I ordered it on Tuesday, so hopefully it’ll get here before I go back for research starting on Monday!
So far, I’ve had two restful weeks of summer vacation. Has it gone by too quickly? I’m not sure, but I’ve been catching up on plenty of sleep and I feel all refreshed to go back! I’m very excited to begin researching pollen with the Chemical Engineering department, so I’ve been looking forward to research more than ever!
Apparently, we chemical engineers love to model things. Ranging from nanotubes in the Materials track, biomolecules in the (guess what?) Biomolecular track, reactions in the Process track, to atmospheric particles in the Environment track, modeling becomes second nature by the time we leave campus.

My name is Kayane. I am a freshman chemical engineer, and I am ready to conquer the modeling world.

My target is pollen.

As soon as my textbook arrives, I will eagerly devote my time to absorbing all the information I can from it. If I succeed, there will be no obstacle too difficult for me in my quest to conquer pollen and its modeling challenges -I am going pollen hunting!