This is SoCal

This is SoCal

What did the beach say to the wave?… “Long tide, no sea.”

It was perfect beach weather today so several friends and I headed down to Venice, CA, the home of SoCal's most beautiful people. Everyone looks like a Sports Illustrated model. It is also one of the most hipster spots around town. There were murals on every store front, and every other cafe advertised vegan fare. Even the laundry store and waxing center claimed that their services are "organic"!

We left campus pretty early in the morning and headed down for brunch. We went to a cute cafe called Flake which was not vegan nor vegetarian because our friend Filipe LOVES chicken. We ate some pretty standard breakfast items like egg sandwiches, acai bowls, and iced coffee. Afterwards, we headed down to the beach to soak up the beautiful Cali sun, and cool off in the water.

We strolled up the Venice Beach boardwalk to Santa Monica then headed back to the car via the main road, looking for a afternoon treat. Nothing really caught our eye, so we drove to a bubble tea shop near by and had smoothies and shaved ice. This prepped for the long drive back, which was over an hour simply due to traffic.

*I'm behind the camera in this one*

Now I'm under the AC in my dorm and everything is great. I bathed in sunscreen before our day trip so my skin is still in one piece. However, the sand was extremely hot and did burn my feet a bit. Nevertheless, I still love the beach, and we will be visiting a different one next weekend! Stay tuned :)