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Touring USC

It may surprise you that I had never visited USC, since I’ve spent nearly half my life in Southern California and have several friends who went to USC (and invited me to visit over the last several years). But after my cousin Sarah visited us in Pasadena a couple of times for my post-wedding party at the Hill Community Church, I promised her that I would visit her as well some weekend.

Well, she’s a senior (even though she’s only four months older than I am), and effectively graduated with a degree in piano performance two weeks ago with her senior piano recital. So to make good on my promise, I thought I had better visit her sooner rather than later.

Sarah showed us around the "prettier" parts of campus, where there were lots of big fancy buildings, including several that would periodically host free screenings of new movies, and one that used to be a neighborhood church. Here are some photos from the visit:

Well, that’s all for now!