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Unicorn Cafe, Macarons, Green Soba, and Tofu Pudding

Unicorns and mermaids are my favorite mythical creatures. When I found out there was a cafe (Creme & Sugar) that served unicorn milkshakes, unicorn hot chocolate, unicorn bark, and other fanciful, magical, delicious desserts, I had to go. Creme & Sugar is in Anaheim, which is a little less than an hour south of Caltech depending on traffic. I dragged some of my friends with me, and we decided to make a day out of it and go to other places in Orange County as well. After Creme and Sugar, we drove to the Irvine Spectrum for super cute character macarons from Honey & Butter! There is always a line, and the character macarons run out soon after they are released (12 pm on the dot). Check out the pictures below.

The next day, I had lunch and dessert in the San Gabriel Valley with my grandma and cousins. The San Gabriel Valley is the mecca of good Asian food. We went to Green Zone in San Gabriel (there is also a Pasadena location!) and Meet Fresh in Temple City. At Green Zone, I had the Japanese beef soba noodles. You can select from a few different noodle options, and one of them is green buckwheat noodles (soba = buckwheat noodles). At Meet Fresh, I had tofu pudding with boba. Meet Fresh also has a large selection of other traditional Asian desserts.

Circus Animal Shake (pink), Unicorn Shake (purple), Cookie Monster Hot Chocolate (blue)

Cute macarons!

There is also a Hello Kitty Cafe at the Irvine Spectrum, but we didn’t go this time.

Beef Soba from Green Zone

Tofu Pudding from Meet Fresh