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VDay Brunch and CNY Hot Pot

So this past Sunday, the men of Avery made brunch for all
the ladies. Tom Mannion hosted the event at his house. The guys made omlettes,
eggs benedict, hash browns, and quiches. There were also croissants, bagels,
and fresh fruit. Our frosh UCC Saurabh also came back to visit, so that was a
nice surprise. He’s working for SIG in Philly now as a trader. I believe that
the UCC/house system here at Caltech truly makes this small community feel like
a family. Saurabh always took us on frosh walk and talks, and made sure each of
us were doing well. Now as a junior, I try to do the same unofficially by
walking around the house when taking a break from sets and talking to all the
frosh I didn’t get to meet last term while abroad. The class of 2016 is pretty
cool, and I can’t wait to meet all you prospective prefrosh in April for
Prefrosh Weekend (PFW)! 🙂

Anyways, Saurabh taught us a new playing card game, called

  1. We ended up playing until 4 am. It was nice catching up with him and
    hopefully we’ll see him again Tomorrow (for Ditch Day ;P).
    Avery also had a hot pot event on Monday to celebrate
    Chinese New Year. It was quite successful and there was a ton of food as you
    can see from the pictures. I had a good three day weekend and I’m looking
    forward to what this week brings.

Jessica : )

Jessica Yeung