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View from the Driver’s Seat

I know I can’t possibly be the first person in blogging to do this, but I feel like this picture of my workspace is the best representation I have for what I’ve been up to, and hey, isn’t that what blogging is all about? It’s the first week of classes, and there’s no better description of the current frosh experience than this

Shall we analyze?

  1. A very pretty, color coded schedule that I have spent more time making than following. 2. Post-It notes. Two with lists of people I need to write to, one with codes to different rooms in the SAC, and one with phone numbers. Hey, is that a stack of fresh Post-Its on the right of the desk there?3. Told you I love whiteboards. This is my to-do list, which is looking nice and short for the time being. Due dates in red, of course.4. So, I kind of thought about starting this chem set. And then didn’t. 5. Drop/Add card. Once my adviser signs, I’ll have added a physics lab for the next two terms.6. Mmmmm….Fuze. Pretty much my favorite thing at the campus c-store.7. Last term’s math book now being used as a cooling deck for my deteriorating Alienware laptop.8. Very important mail that I am sure I will get to…eventually.9. Tunes! 10. Moral support during sets, also known as Megan.

You know, holiday was fun, but I have to admit, I missed this just a little bit. Diving into work, cranking out sets, generally feeling like a beast. I love that feeling.
So, I guess you’ve seen the overall effect of the first week on my desk, but there’s more to be said. I got my hands on most of my textbooks, but am still kind of reeling from the cost. I very much recommend that you try to buy your books used from upperclassmen. They’re already there on campus, and you’ll get them very cheap. My classes are better than I expected. I had a lot of trouble with Ma1a last term, but I think if I stay on top of things, Ma1b will be much better. Chemistry has switched themes from chemical bonding to thermo and organic, so that’s fun. What’s really on my mind, however, is physics. The first four weeks of Ph1b Analytic are on special relativity. Now, I’m going to confess to you all that before I came to Caltech, I wasn’t even sure what special relativity was. Just that it had something to do with time being weird somehow. So, naturally I was a little intimidated when my syllabus asked me to purchase a book called Spacetime Physics. That just sounds completely out of my league! But, you know, I went to lecture today, and suddenly all those terms from sci-fi movies like “spacetime” and “time dilation” mean something to me, and more importantly, make mathematical sense to me! By the end of the hour, I felt, well…smarter. It’s got me excited to find out what’s next.
Alright, that’s enough for now. I want to actually start that chem set.

Jordan Theriot