Wake Up Frosh, It's (Fake) Ditch Day!

Wake Up Frosh, It's (Fake) Ditch Day!

As you may know, Caltech has a Ditch Day tradition that is unlike any other school’s. While at most places the seniors just leave campus and nothing else happens, at Caltech the seniors leave all sorts of fun activities and puzzles for the underclassmen. Each group of seniors who participates in Ditch Day creates what is known as a “stack,” which is a series of fun activities, puzzles or games for the undeclassmen to do. Each stack has a different theme.

The seniors spend a lot of time planning their actual Ditch Day stacks, in addition to what are known as Fake Ditch Day stacks. This is when the seniors pretend it is real ditch day, wake everyone up, and have smaller-scale activities for people to do. The purpose of this is to help keep the date of real Ditch Day (It’s Tomorrow, Frosh!), a secret and to have some fun along the way.

Today was a campus-wide fake Ditch Day, where seniors from all eight houses planned fake stacks.

Here are some pictures from Fleming’s Stacks:

Whack-a-Monster: The Stack

Monster Pinata Eventually you’ll get a post from me about actual Ditch Day. But until then… Go to bed (pre)frosh, Ditch Day is Tomorrow!