Wallpaper. at Caltech!

Wallpaper. at Caltech!

The Friday before finals week, the band Wallpaper. performed at Caltech! It was one of those online competitions for which college had the most votes, and we won! Their music falls under the hip hop/pop genre, and if you haven’t heard them yet you should check them out. The concert was a ton of fun; they had a small stage setup on campus and we were able to get right up to the stage. Actually, someone walked on stage while they were performing, but then was taken off by security… Point is, we got to see them really up close! I could see all their facial expressions, sweat, and all. At one point they had prerecorded the song and band members reached out into the crowd giving everyone high fives.

Over the summer I saw their set at Warped Tour in Ventura, and it was a completely different atmosphere. We were in a sea of dancing and shouting people, quite far from the stage. Both times I think everyone in attendance enjoyed the show and after the show at Caltech, they stuck around to take pictures with us!

Here’s my friend Anna and I with the drummers - I’m pretending to sing, though everyone in my house knows I can’t.

A couple photos from their performance: from the back and then up close. ASCIT (a student run organization on campus) had planned a wrath event for afterwards. The wrath is what we call the underground floor of the Athenaeum that’s less formal than the rest of it. There are often weddings held at the Ath, but at the wrath they serve free popcorn and it’s a much more casual setting. They also serve other food and drinks.

Side note: the wedding people are always taking pictures around campus, which probably isn’t common at other schools. We’ll kind of step around them when walking to class. One time we was walking back from soccer practice and saw this couple trying to get a romantic shot on the crosswalk, wedding gown and all. If you ever wondered how the bride’s veil floats in photos, in this case there was this guy that held it up, then ran out of the picture as the camera flashed and veil floated down. This photo was no easy feat, for they had to move for cars and the guy help up the veil multiple times before getting the perfect shot.

To sum it up, having Wallpaper. was awesome. It’s not everyday that a free concert shows up at your doorstep, and we got a break from finals studying. Happy New Year! Monica