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Weekend Food Adventures!

(Everything is an adventure.) Too often do I stay in the house during weekends and eat BCD tofu starter packs or C-store udon (both amazing options, believe me). I try to switch it up — tofu soup for lunch, udon for dinner on Saturday, then the opposite the next day. It’s mundane, but it’s decently good, and it sustains me amidst rehearsals, events, and homework. And it also makes anything out of the ordinary pretty exciting. Over the past year, occasionally, upperclassmen have taken us out to eat over the weekend — ramen, tofu soup, boba…

And sometimes people cook food, like my neighbor Sirus, who treated all the Koreans in the house (plus some) to his labor-intensive Seollongtang (beef bone soup):

In the past two weekends, we’ve taken our weekend cuisine to new levels (partly because we didn’t have much work). Last Sunday, a few of us dressed up and walked to Daisy Mint, a Thai restaurant, for dinner. It was less than 20 minutes away, and some of the best food I’ve had in walking distance of Caltech!

Chloe’s tofu soup:

Janice’s green curry:

Shrimp fried rice:

My glass noodles with shrimp:

I was so very happy. Yesterday, Chloe and I tried out Veggie Grill, just 15 minutes away walking:

Then today, seven of us Ubered to a nearby Indian restaurant, Bhanu’s. I had the non-vegetarian Thali, which came with chicken tikka masala, lentils, some curry thing, yogurt, rice, and naan:

Here’s a couple of fools happy about their food:

Janice and I were the only ones at the table to finish all of our food, of which we were quite proud:

Next week is midterms week, so it won’t be very conducive to food adventures, but I’m sure we’ll start again once that grind is over!