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What happens in Texas… goes up on my blog

This Spring Break, the women’s tennis team travelled to Texas! We played two matches against Texan teams; you can read about the matches here. And in addition to improving our regional ranking, we saw new sights and ate yummy food! (Fellow blogger Jenny is also on the tennis team so some of this might sound familiar.)
I was surprised by how flat the land around Dallas is. And everything is so spread out; instead of having stores and houses lining the sides of the road, there’d be clusters of buildings here and there. And the UT Dallas campus is huge! We discovered that when we were trying to find the tennis courts for the first time; thank you satellites feature on googlemaps! Their facilities are super nice; I couldn’t help but take a photo of their tennis courts.

They also had electronic scoreboards on every court so instead of flipping scorecards every changeover they used a remote to update it.

Continuing on, people do say ya’ll. Before our first doubles match started, one of the girls on the Texas Lutheran team says, “do ya’ll wanna spin?” and my partner and I held back laughs in order to proceed.

Then onto another stereotypical Southern thing, the BBQ. We ate at a restaurant called Lockhart Smokehouse, and though it might not have been the best place to eat the night before a match, the food was delicious. The cut the meat to how much you wanted right in front of you and the sauce was made in house.

There was no doubt that we were on full stomachs after dinner, but proceeded to get ice cream (the shop had 4.5 stars on Yelp). We talked to the owner for a bit and they get the cream from local cows. More pictures!

We picked up groceries at the local Sprouts. We have Sprouts in Colorado, but to my knowledge there’s not one near campus. We walk into the store and a woman is handing out samples. She sees that we are wearing our Caltech gear and starts talking to us about it. Turns out, she swam for the Caltech team back in the day. My first thought was uh oh I do not want my Caltech degree to land me here, but then she told us that her dad was affiliated with Caltech and so she was able to swim on the team. So prefrosh do not fret! Caltech is personally a great place to attend college, and watching seniors visit grad schools and hearing about the success of alums is very reassuring.

Back to food, Sprouts sells this popcorn, and it is to die for! The ice cream version of salted caramel is very good as well.

In two nights and two days, we won two matches and ate lots of food. I’d say a pretty successful trip. It would’ve been nice to visit the Kennedy museum if we had more time, until next time.

P.S. I’m not even hungry but this blog turned out to be mostly about food, oh well.

Monica Li