So I’m in a lab class this term; we have take home physics labs which involve deriving equations, building circuits, and measuring values from them. Last Sunday, my partner and I were in the SAC doing our experiment and saw something through the window blinds. Pulling up the blinds, it was a peacock! Like what?

We proceeded to go into the courtyard and view the peacock up close.

I then tried to get a picture of me and the peacock with the help of my lab partner.

It didn’t work out so well because it would only let me get so close before trotting away. But at Lloyd Interhouse, the theme was Up and they had a paper-mache bird so I guess picture with peacock can be checked off from my bucket list.

From left to right, we dressed up as Kevin, Russell, and Mr. Fredricksen.

I was thoroughly entertained because I’ve only seen birds this big at the zoo, and off the internet of course. Apparently they are wild and the nearby city of Alhambra, which is where this one came from.

Note: The SAC is what we call the large underground area under the South undergraduate houses. We have a ton of stuff in the SAC, like study rooms that have really nice chairs, computer rooms with printers, laundry room, DDR room, lots of storage closets, etc.

Thanks for reading my random blog post about a super random sighting! Stay tuned,