What's good at the Flea Market?

What's good at the Flea Market?

Every first Sunday of the month, Pasadena City College hosts a flea market. The flea market opens at 8am in the morning and lasts until 3pm. This isn’t your average flea market because it is HUGE! There are roughly 5 full parking lots worth of space and tons of vendors. Most of the vendors are selling antiques, be it records, clothes, furniture or jewelry. There are also some other unique vendors selling tools or food, or organizations trying to gain attention for their latest project.

Today was my first time checking out the flea market but apparently it is quite popular with Caltech students since we ran into two other groups of them. My friend Jenny and I went to shop for frames. Although there were tons of vendors selling framed art, there were few selling non-antique frames at a reasonable price. It appears that most people are there for the hidden gems that we aren’t cultured enough to appreciate.

It’s super interesting to see decor, machinery, and clothes that are decades older than us since most vendors are elderly people. We saw several type writers, video cassette tapes, and machining tools. There were also vintage luxury handbags that are of questionable authenticity. I wonder who buys these antiques, and how their new owners use them. Although I am not a fan of antiques, it appears that a lot of people are. I saw families hauling wagons full of furniture and clothes that they just bought. I suppose that if you have just moved into a new home, it’s cheaper to fill it with second hand furniture than to go on a shopping spree at IKEA.

One booth that really caught my attention was that of the Pasadena Humane Society. Volunteers bought puppies that are up for adoption for people to play with. While Jenny and I were only there to pet the unbearably cute creatures, people around us were asking for their profiles and calling their spouses to arrange adoptions. I hope the puppies find great homes as they are all super playful and friendly.

I probably won’t be back any time soon unless I am in need of furniture, but it’s definitely worth checking out once during your time at Caltech!