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Winter Career Fair!

Half of Caltech dressed up all fancy this morning. It was a sight to see. Besides one friend of mine, who threw on a blazer over a t-shirt and jeans to go pick up some free t-shirts, most people I saw out and about this morning were dressed in business professional clothing to attend the Winter Career Fair. The Winter version of the career fair is aimed more towards companies hiring full time employees than summer interns, and it is smaller than the Fall fair. I visited mainly to take pictures to show you guys, and to talk to a few companies I may be interested in working for in the future. Specifically, I talked to Palantir and Goldman Sachs, two companies hiring CS majors to work on projects that I’m not likely to get experience in at any other company. Broadening the types of projects I can apply my CS skills to is definitely a good goal of internships, especially when you’re not sure in what field you’d like to work eventually.

Without further ado, some photos of the fair!

I arrived two hours after the fair began, because I wasn’t looking eagerly for a job like I was in the Fall. I also only brought 5 copies of my resume, which was a mistake (in the Fall I handed out 30, and then got a job from a company that didn’t come to the fair!).

Ran into a few of my friends dressed a bit nicer than usual 😉

Some very cool and very famous companies come to recruit at Caltech. We pull a lot of West coast companies, all technology, and mainly looking for software engineers (although a number are looking for hardware engineers, and there are a handful that hire ChemE’s, BioE’s, etc. To be honest, it’s commonly called the "CS fair.")

Some alumni come back to represent their companies at the career fair. I met a few alums that graduated last year, and some that were here 10 years ago or more!

In the end, I collected a dozen pictures, talked to a handful of recruiters to get more information about their companies and the work their software engineers do, and got 2 free t-shirts, a water bottle, and a drawstring bag. Solid haul this year 😛